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Vijayawada Tree Planting Project

We have started a new project at Vijayawada in the association this year with OISCA TOYOMA Chapter and Toyoma Prefecture Government, Japan. OISCA South India is establishing CHILDREN'S PROGRAM FOREST at Vijayawada, with the support of OISCA Head quarters at Tokyo. Under this project we have planted 100 saplings each in two schools and in eight schools are in progress. The grand inaugural ceremony was held at Vijayawada in two schools in the presence 35 Japanese delegates and local MLA. A variety cultural program of students follows the event. Herbal Tree Planting festival At Peruvannamuzhi (Kozhikode) Water Treatment Plant area of Kerala Water Authority, on 10th June 2016: Obliging the request from Kerala Water Authority and considering the need of the day, OISCA decided to take-up a mega tree planting project at Peruvannamuzhi, Kozhikode. Accordingly a survey was conducted to assess the requirement. As the venue is a forest fringe area on the banks of Peruvannamuzhi River, adjacent to Peruvannamuzhi dam and water is sufficiently available for irrigation, we have decided to plant medicinal plants. Preliminary discussions were made with the officials of State Medicinal Plants Board of Kerala and their response was overwhelming. The final survey was conducted on May 22nd 2016 with officials from SMPB, KWA and OISCA. Huge number of trees was clear felled from the area and top of the hill was leveled for the construction of a colossal treatment plant to purify the water lifted from the river at the valley to cater for the need of whole Kozhikode district. This is a project taken up by KWA with financial support of JICA. The plant authorities offered about 5 acres of land among the „Plant buildings? and sedimentation area for planting. The survey team found more than 2000 big and small plants can be planted aesthetically within the provided area. As recommended by the experts, we have decided to plant about 1000 Asoka plants as 1st phase. OISCA Perambra chapter took the initiative with the assistance from OISCA Kuttiadi chapter and OISCA District chapter. M/s Suez Environment, consultant to the Treatment plant operations offered all assistance for the future maintenance and protection of the plants. A grand inaugural function was conducted at the office premises of the „plant? on 10th June 2016, to make the “Herbal Planting Festival” a memorable one. Er. Abdullakkutty, Exe. Engineer and who was the brain behind this treatment plant inaugurated the Planting Festival. 300 children with teachers from the schools in and around Kuttiyadi and Perambra, OISCA Officials from different parts of Kozhikode also actively participated in the planting festival about 400 plants were planted on the day itself though there was heavy rain. The planting continued for one week and the balance plants also were planted KWA and their consultants they also agreed to continue the program until the campus become a lush green Herbarium with the support SMPB and OISCA.