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National Medicinal Plants Board projects in Kerala Schools

These are some of the prestigious projects implemented by OISCA along with CFP in schools and colleges. We successfully completed the Herbal Garden Development Project supported by National Medicinal Plants Board of Department of AYUSH, Govt. of India in 262 schools in Kerala in 2006. Since the project has been successfully implemented, as a mark of appreciation, Govt. of Kerala entrusted OISCA to implement a similar project SOOT in another 300 schools for State Medicinal Plants Board and the same hasbeen successfully implemented in 317 schools. About 4-5 lakhs children are involved in this project and they are growing about 60,000 herbal trees/plants under this project. Various types of awareness programs are carried out in schools, besides nursery raising and mass tree planting. Many of the schools have prepared natural medicines with most of the raw drugs collected from their own plantation. They have studied the recipes from ancient Ayurveda texts to prepare the medicines with the help and guidance of experts. Since all these projects have been successfully implemented, National Amla Mission entrusted OISCA to implement a special project to propagate Amla (Nelli) by planting hybrid variety plants in association with schools and other local NGOs. We have implemented this project in Kasaragod, Kozhikode, Alappuzha and Kottayam Districts. We are indebted to Mr. K.K. Chandran, Mr. Sreekumar Dr. K.S. Rajithan and Mr. O.L Pios for the support and guidance extended to implement this project.