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OISCA- Nagercoil Tree Planting Project:

OISCA Nagercoil chapter is maintaining the Nagercoil Tree Planting project, which was re greened with the support of Green fund, Japan. So far OISCA members were able to extend the plantation to 5 more hectors. Local People and the Local administration are cooperating with OISCA in this noble venture. At the same time under the able leader ship of Mr. D. Ravindran founder secretary, Nagercoil chapter, they are maintaining the previous project at their own expense. About 1000 students from different CFP schools are participating in the tree planting programs every year. This land which was barren 15 years ago is now converted into a thick forest and the raising water table in the pond dug at the final stage of the project is a visible example for the success of the project