This is a project supported by Karnataka Forest Department under their \r\nKSFMBC project aided by JBIC. An agreement was signed between OISCA and\r\n Karnataka Government and as per the same OISCA selected 200 schools in\r\n Bangalore Urban, Rural, Ramnagara and Mysore districts to implement \r\nthe Children̢۪s Forest Program and established Love Green Clubs. OISCA \r\ncoordinated all these activities and conducted various environment \r\nawareness programs. Ultimately 20,000 trees will grow under this \r\nproject. The project is for 3 years, the LOVE GREEN CLUBS established \r\nunder CFP will take care of the future maintenance of these micro urban\r\n plantations after the project period.

Haritha Theeram Project

This is a project supported by Karnataka Forest Department under their \r\nKSFMBC project aided by JBIC. An agreement was signed between OISCA and\r\n Karnataka Government and as per the same OISCA selected 200 schools in\r\n Bangalore Urban, Rural, Ramnagara and Mysore districts to implement \r\nthe Children\'s Forest Program and established Love Green Clubs. OISCA \r\ncoordinated all these activities and conducted various environment \r\nawareness programs. Ultimately 20,000 trees will grow under this \r\nproject. The project is for 3 years, the LOVE GREEN CLUBS established \r\nunder CFP will take care of the future maintenance of these micro urban\r\n plantations after the project period.

OISCA - KPMG Tree Planting Project:

KPMG an international corporate giant approached us to extend our cooperation to utilize their environment protection fund purposefully. This project is to plant 100 seedlings in each of the selected 20 schools in Bangalore and 4 schools in Hyderabad. Planting was completed with the active involvement of KPMG staff and OISCA members at Bangalore and Hyderabad.

Vijayawada Tree Planting Project

In association with OISCA TOYOMA Chapter and Toyoma Prefature Government, Japan. OISCA South India is establishing CHILDREN\'S FOREST PROGRAM  at Vijayawada, with the support of ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT BOARD 

OISCA-ISHA Nagercoil Tree Planting Project

As a follow up to the Nagercoil Tree Planting project at\nChungan kadai, Nagarcoil chapter entered in a tie up with ISHA Foundation, a\nspiritual group of Tamilnadu, to regreen a vast area of waste land adjacent to\nAyyapa College hills, which was regreened with the support of Green fund,\nJapan. So far OISCA and ISHA foundation people were able to extend the\nplantation to 5 more hectors. Local People and Govt. Authorities of Local\nadministration is cooperating with OISCA in this noble venture. This project is\nimplemented by Mr. D. Ravindran. About 1000 students from different CFP schools\nare participating in the tree planting festivals every year. This land which\nwas barren eight years ago is now converted into a thick forest and the raising\nwater table in the pond dug at the final stage of the project  is visible\nexample for the success of the project

Silver Jubilee Memorial Herbal Plantation at Govt. Social Welfare Complex

About 700 inmates are living in different institutions at\r\nthe Social Welfare Complex, Vellimadukunnu, Calicut. Out of this 80 inmates are\r\nin the old age home. Most of them are ailing with different\r\ndeceases   also. As a part of the Silver Jubilee Year celebrations,\r\nCalicut chapter came forward to develop a herbal plantation in about 2 acres,\r\nadjacent to this old age home. About 300 big plants of different medicinal\r\nspecies have already been planted in the 1st phase. We have started to develop\r\nthis as a herbal park with one thousand trees as a memorial of Silver Jubilee\r\nyear.   The inmates of the institutions are taking keen interest in\r\nnursing the trees.

Small Hydel Projects

To reduce the power shortage Govt. of Kerala wanted to\nimplement Small Hydel Projects at different sites. Govt. has entrusted OISCA\nSouth India for implementing this project at Kozhikode and Wayanad Districts.\nWe have carried out the survey at 124 sites and submitted the report to the\nGovt. for further actions.

Green Wave Project

The Green Wave is a global biodiversity\r\ncampaign to educate children and youth, being initiated by Secretariat of Convention\r\non Biological Diversity, United Nations Environment Program (SCBD). Each year,\r\nThe Green Wave contributes to worldwide celebrations of the International Day\r\nfor Biological Diversity, May 22.  As a part of CFP activity OISCA\r\nSouth India also actively participated in it during this year too. Though all\r\nthe schools are on summer vacation 27 schools from various chapters were\r\nparticipated. Children engaged in varieties of environmental programs including\r\nnominal planting. Certificates were given to all such schools jointly by UN\r\n& OISCA. 

National Medicinal Plants Board projects in Kerala Schools

These are some of\r\nthe prestigious projects implemented by OISCA along with CFP in schools and colleges.\r\nWe successfully completed the Herbal Garden Development Project supported by\r\nNational Medicinal Plants Board of Department of AYUSH, Govt. of India in 262\r\nschools in Kerala in 2006. Since the project has been successfully implemented,\r\nas a mark of appreciation, Govt. of Kerala entrusted OISCA to implement a similar\r\nproject SOOT in another 300 schools for State Medicinal Plants Board and the same\r\nhasbeen successfully implemented in 317 schools. About 4-5 lakhs children are\r\ninvolved in this project and they are growing about 60,000 herbal trees/plants\r\nunder this project. Various types of awareness programs are carried out in\r\nschools, besides nursery raising and mass tree planting. Many of the schools\r\nhave prepared natural medicines with most of the raw drugs collected from their\r\nown plantation.  They have studied the\r\nrecipes from ancient Ayurveda texts to prepare the medicines with the help and\r\nguidance of experts.Since all these projects have been successfully\r\nimplemented, National Amla Mission entrusted OISCA to implement a special\r\nproject to propagate Amla (Nelli) by planting hybrid variety plants in\r\nassociation with schools and other local NGOs. We have implemented this project\r\nin Kasaragod, Kozhikode, Alappuzha and Kottayam Districts. We are indebted to\r\nMr. K.K. Chandran, Mr. Sreekumar Dr. K.S. Rajithan and Mr. O.L Pios for the\r\nsupport and guidance extended to implement this project. 

Sacred Grove Conservation Project

This Project is funded by State Medicinal Plants Board and Sir Syed\r\nCollege Taliparamba is supporting OISCA in the implementation.  Sacred Groves are the forest left untouched\r\nby local people due to some religious belief. We have successfully implemented the\r\nproject in three Groves at Kannur district.The main activities includes Biodiversity\r\nstudies, constructing medicinal plant jaiva veli, cleaning up of ponds and\r\nwells, awareness campaigns etc.   About\r\n1000 medicinal plants were planted as bio fence. More than 40 species of\r\nmedicinally important plants are preserved in each grove.





River Protection Project

Some of the OISCA\r\nchapters have undertaken a unique program called \'Save River\' from its present\r\ndeteriorating condition. They are planting thousands of trees on the banks of\r\nthe river from its origin. Students from different schools and colleges are\r\nparticipating in these projects.



Mangrove Forestation project

OISCA Chapters are\r\nalso implementing mangrove forestation activities. Hundreds of college students\r\nunder the able guidance of Chapter officials are participating in this novel\r\nproject in different areas of Kerala.



Ambedkar Hastshilp Vikas Yojana (AHVY)

Ministry of Textiles, Government\r\nof India selected OISCA International, South India Chapter to implement AHVY in \'Mural style fabric painting craft\' at Kozhikode Corporation, in the state of\r\nKerala. We executed the AHVY scheme in 35 Self Help Groups consisting of 20\r\nartisans in each group with a total of 700 artisans from 12 villages in Kozhikode\r\nCorporation. Self Help Group provide a social support system, The beneficiaries\r\nof all SHGs under these project get free training in mural style fabric\r\npainting, better wages through market of finished project,  educational scholarship for their children,\r\nhealth and accidental insurance,  and above\r\nall, other financial help through bank under subsidized schemes. OISCA have now\r\n1600 certified artisans. Some of our artisan\'s names were recommended for\r\nNational Awards

NAI ROSHINI - Leadership Development Training for Minority Women

We have conducted \'Nai Roshini\' - Leadership training for\r\nMinority Women - Project of Ministry of Minority Affairs Govt of India.Leadership\r\ndevelopment, Rights of Women, Home Management, Family Welfare, Communicable\r\ndieses, Organic farming for safe food, Life skills, Stress Management &\r\nConflict resolution Skill & Entrepreneurship development, Self & Wage\r\nemployment, Role of women in Panchayathiraj, Information technology in daily\r\nlife and Use of internet, Services of Akshaya Centers, Financial literacy\r\n&  banking, Skill development loan\r\nschemes & various credit facilities of Banks, Health & Hygiene,\r\nChildhood illness, Safe drinking water & Water conservation, Domestic &\r\nSolid waste management, Services of \r\nvarious departments, Right to Information, etc were the other classes\r\ntaken by eminent faculties from various departments and agencies.



OISCA Women\'s Chapters/Forums

OISCA Women\'s Forums are working since 1992 with the main\r\nobjective to ensure participation of women in its activities. The Forum\r\nactively participates and supports the activities of OISCA and conducts\r\nseminars and workshops on various topics related to women. Classes are also\r\nconducted in Handicrafts, Toys making, Fabric Painting, Glass Painting,\r\nOrnament Designing etc.  on holidays and vacations.  They are also\r\nconducting various empowerment programes for tribes  in tribal belts.Many\r\nchapters have their own OISCA Kalakshetram, an OISCA School for the Fine Arts\r\nto provide training on Classical music, Instrumental music, Classical dance,\r\nMural Painting, etc. The school also holds special vacation classes and stage\r\nprograms to encourage children in various fields of Fine Arts.




OISCA Youth Forum

Focus on youth has been a major policy of OISCA since its\r\ninception. This led to the formation of youth forums. All the projects are\r\nsupported by the youth forum members and on their own also they have been\r\nconducting various programs for career guidance, youth empowerment, soft skill\r\ndevelopments etc.  

OISCA Top Teen Contest - 2016

For the past eleven years, OISCA\r\nSouth India has been conducting Top teens, a contest to identify and honor\r\nyoung talents. The contest is held at three levels consisting of a preliminary\r\nround, a district round and a state round. This year\'s Top teens contest began\r\nwith the preliminary written test held at various centers in South India on\r\nAugust 13th 2016. The test was of 90 minutes duration and had\r\n150 objective type questions. Thousands of students participated in the\r\ncompetition. Palakkad chapter got 1st and Vadakara   2nd in\r\nenrolling maximum number of students for the contest. Valuation of the answer\r\npapers was done at Chapter level and the district level competitions were held\r\nat the district headquarters. Three boys and three girls were selected from\r\neach district for the final competition. The Grand Finale of the Top Teens was\r\nheld at OISCA Youth Centre, Calicut, with a whole day of tests and exercises in\r\ndifferent aspects like public speaking, memory skill, creativity etc.The\r\nwinners : Boys Section: 1st Mr. Alwin T. Sunny, St. Thomas HSS,\r\nKannur, 2. Mr. Charles Varghese, Navodaya School, Wayanad, 3. Mr. Pranav S, TKM\r\nHigh school, Kollam, Girls section: 1. Ms. Dona Sabu, MSTR Reymond School,\r\nChempanoda, Calicut, 2. Ms. Nazila Nazer, TKM HSS, Kollam, 3. Ms. Adira Dinesh\r\nNP, THSS, Edapal, Malappuram. 

OISCA - Ambulance & Crane Services, Sponsored by Govt. of India

As recognition of the various road safety programs of OISCA, Government of India provided OISCA with an ambulance and a Crane to help the people who meet the accident in roads. The Ambulance is stationed at calicut and the Crane at Wayanaad.

OISCA Eco Resource Center, Wayanad

Various training programs are going on at Eco Resource Centre, Meenagadi, Wayanad with Dr. Thomas Thevara as its Director . student groups from different parts of south india are arriving here to attend the residential camps designed to attract them to become the volunteers of our Mother Earth.

This Centre can cater the training programs for 200 persons at a time with residential accommodation for 100 persons. the building was constructed with the financial support under the Grass root Grant Assistance project of Government of Japan. we are conduct  various  training programs for youth in India and Abroad at this centre.

Childrens Forest Program (CFP)

The Children\'s Forest Program popularly known\r\nas CFP, the flag ship project of OISCA which was started along with the\r\nformation OISCA 25 years ago is in full-swing in about 1700 schools in South\r\nIndia. Love Green Clubs established in Schools are the basic unit of CFP. Last\r\nyear we have spread this project to Karnataka state also in large scale. The\r\noperation methodology of CFP is very simple. At first we approach the school\r\nauthorities and make them aware about the importance of OISCA Love Green Clubs.\r\nThen we select one teacher as a co-coordinator and 100 interested students as\r\nmembers in the club. Awareness class is given as the first step to make the\r\nstudents conscious about the significance of tree plantation and supply\r\nsaplings for the plantation. We also encourage children to raise plants\r\nnurseries to over come the shortage of seedlings at the time of\r\nplantation.  The total number of saplings planted, comes around 1, 00,000\r\nevery year with the participation of 75,000 students. Different types of educational\r\nprograms, competitions and distribution of study materials are some methods\r\nadopted  to make the  children own up  this noble project. It is\r\nestimated that during the last 25 years we have planted more than 24, 00,000\r\nvarious species of Tree saplings through out South India

International Educational Exchange Program (IEEP) Sponsored by OISCA JapAN

This program has been initiated\r\nto disseminate the Children\'s Forest Program and to nurture those who work for\r\nOISCA. We are carrying out this program with the intent to create friendly\r\nrelations among the nations concerned. The International Foundation for\r\nCultural Harmony and OISCA Academy is sponsoring this program. 35 students have\r\nbeen selected and sent to OISCA Academy for plus two courses till this date.\r\nAll expenses including airfare, tuition fees, accommodation etc were borne by\r\nOISCA.  In the reporting year Ms. Megha Geo from Navodaya vidhyalaya,\r\nIdukki dist.has successfully completed and returned from Japan. Mr. Siva\r\nSrikrishna of Sathya Sai Vidhyapeeth, Koilandi, and Ms Nazila NazerKollam got\r\nselection for IEEP for the coming academic year. Mr. Atsuo Sugahara, Manager of\r\nOISCA academy and Mr. Nagai were visited Calicut to select students for IEEP\r\nduring December.

Herbal Garden Development Project (HGDP), Schoolil Oru Oushadha Thottam Project (SOOTP) and Herbal Tree for Health Project (HTHP)

HGDP,\r\nSOOTP and HTHP are some of the prestigious project implemented by OISCA along\r\nwith CFP in schools and Colleges. We successfully completed The Herbal Garden\r\nDevelopment Project supported by National Medicinal Plants Board Department of\r\nAYUSH, Govt. of India in 262 schools in Kerala. When we started this project in\r\n2006 after a close observation Govt. of Kerala entrusted OISCA to implement a\r\nsimilar project SOOT in another 300 schools for State Medicinal Plants Board.\r\nNow this project also has been successfully implemented in 317 schools. NMPB\r\nsanctioned another project to implement the program in 300 more school. This\r\nproject named as Herbal Tree for Health is showing tremendous growth in 374\r\nschools. 
\r\nWe have also implemented Amla project of National Amla\r\nMission to propagate Amala (Nelli) by planting hybrid variety plants in\r\nassociation with schools and other local NGOs. We are entrusted to do this\r\nproject in Kasargod, Kozhikode, Pathanamthitta and Kottayam Districts. Next\r\nyear we are starting Home Herbal Garden project with the support of NMGB



OISCA Toshiba Forest at JSS Institutions at Mysore



The\r\nthree year forestation Project at Mysore with the financial support of Toshiba\r\nCorporation Tokyo, Japan has been successfully completed. The project was\r\nimplemented in 10 selected educational institutions of JSS Mahavidya Peetha, Mysore.\r\nAs agreed in the project proposal JSS management extended all support to plant\r\n40,000 saplings. More than 6000 students from these institutions were actively\r\ninvolved in this planting program. This project was coordinated by Dr.\r\nTippeyswamy the President OISCA Mysore and Karnataka. The International\r\nconference on Climate change and Sustainable Development, held at Mysore was\r\nthe ultimate result of this healthy tie-up between OISCA and JSS.

OISCA IDU Suraksha Project & OISCA Migrant Suraksha Project

OISCA\r\nSouth India is implementing   IDU and Migrants Suraksha Projects with the\r\nfinancial and technical support of Kerala State AIDS Control Society\'s (KSACS)\r\nHIV intervention program among the injection Drug Users (IDUs) and Migrants\r\nespecially labours, drivers etc. in Calicut district. Injection Drug Users are\r\nhighly vulnerable to blood born infections, particularly HIV, HCV and HBV.\r\nNational HIV sentinel surveillance study among the IDU\'s in Calicut showed the\r\nHIV prevalence among them getting doubled into 6.2% in just one year. On the\r\nother hand Migrants are more dangerous as they will be the easy prey to this\r\ndreaded decease.

Jalanidhi Project - Drinking water and Sanitation project aided by World Bank



We have been entrusted by\r\nGovernment of Kerala to implement Jalanidhi Project in Different Panchayats.1.\r\nManiyur Grama Panchayat, Kozhikode, Dist. and Chorode Grama Panchayat,\r\nKozhikode dist.Earlier we have very successfully implemented Jalanidhi Projects\r\nat Thiravumbadi Panchayat (Kozhikode), Thirunelly Panchayat (Wayanad)and Padnna\r\nPanchayat, Kasargode dist. Total amount worth 50 crores were spent for these\r\nprojects and these projects benefited about 20,000 families.The Projects run by\r\nchapters: OISCA Children\'s Park in the heart of Palakkad. Mr. Nagaishi visited\r\nthis park this year and released special news with photo about this park in\r\nJapanese OISCA bulletin. 2. OISCA Bhavan at Sulthan Bathery, well maintained by\r\nBathery chapter. 3. Implementation of Geriatrics centre of Mattannur Chapter is\r\nstill in progress. Setting up of a Youth Hostel at Idukki by Idukki chapter is\r\nin preliminary stage. 4. Setting up of Community centre at Palakkad of Women chapter is in progress.