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Dear OISCAns,

                                   Announcement of Annual General Body Meetings - 2020


As per the decision of the SIC executive meeting held today, I am hereby requesting all Chapters to conduct their Annual General Body meeting & elections before 25th March and the list of new office bearers should be sent to this office before 31st March.


Please note the following:


  1. The date of the Chapter AGM must be informed to this office and to the respective district/State chapter President/Secretary two weeks prior to AGM.  If needed a representative from SIC shall attend the meeting.


  1. The annual subscription fees (per member Rs 200/-) should also be send with the list by 31st March. If there are any earlier dues it should also be remitted. Each chapter should add 20% new members every year.


  1. Chapters are also directed to submit annual report & accounts statement.


  1. Chapters may elect President, Vice Presidents (2) Secretary, Joint Secretaries (2) SIC member 1 each for every 20 members, to State (1), District (1) and Conveners for CFP, Top teen SALT, Youth forum, Public relations, Social Welfare. 


  1. Chapters which follow the above directions will only be invited for the District/ State/SIC Annual General Body meetings.


The District Chapter AGM should be completed by 15th April 2020

The State Council Annual General body meetings may be held on Sunday 26th April.

The South India Chapter AGM will be held at Coimbatore, Tamilnadu on Sunday 10th May 2020 at 10am to 4pm.


Please make sure that the key office bearers to be elected should not be holding any key positions in any other parallel organizations. The SIC will declare performance awards this year too, after evaluating activities by a committee. 



Yours in OISCA


M. Aravind Babu

Director & Secretary General