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"OISCA GLOBAL YOUTH FORUM" will be held at XIME Campus Kalamasseri, Cochin, Kerala, India on 9, 10, 11 February 2018. The THEME for the year will be "ENVIROTECH - 2018".Visit

Welcome to OISCA India

The Organization for Industrial Spiritual & Cultural Advancement - International (OISCA - International) was founded in October 1961 in Japan. OISCA came to south India in 1985.
South Indian chapter of OISCA is a registered Non Governmental Organization. Since its inception the South Indian Chapter has oriented.
OISCA-International, is one of the Major Japan based Non Governmental Organizations, registered with Government of India. OISCA also has Special Consultative Status with UN. OISCA plays a vital role in molding young minds to feel love and concern towards our Mother Earth.